Ten Thousand Waves

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Isaac Julien has amazed ABSORB with his new video art piece shown for the first time at the 2010 Biennale of Sydney on Cockatoo Island. Entitled Ten Thousand Waves, it is a 9-screen installation set in one of the many industrial warehouses on the island. An exploration of journeys through time and place, along with the influence of China’s heritage on its present state, the film mesmerises with its sumptuous imagery. It is truly engaging for the way the film travels across screens or simultaneously plays different shots of the same scene so it is as if you are looking at it from a range of vantage points, almost within the scene itself. Julien has played with the mode of presentation, so that the viewing experience goes far beyond the regular 1-screen format. Look out 3D, there’s more than one way to immerse the audience, and you don’t even need extra glasses.

Screening at the Biennale on Cockatoo Island until 1 August 2010, and then respectively in Shanghai and London.

Images via Roslyn Oxley9.

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  1. bojanix said:

    BTW, I with my friend Zen Lu from project ChoP created part of the music for TTW. Than out music was used in 1-screen version “Better Life” and we created a full length improvised soundtrack during the 8th Shanghai Biennale. It was an amazing experience!

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