LMFF: National Graduate Showcase

What a night for some student delights! The Graduate Showcase, sponsored by Sportsgirl, is a great mix of collections by last year’s final year fashion students from around Australia, with students from RMIT in Victoria, UTS in NSW, Curtin University in Western Australia, and University of Technology in Queensland.

It was a great mixture between wearable designs like Ana Diaz’ and Jessica O’Connor’s different knitwear collections, toward the more conceptual and experimental, playing with proportion and form like Sarah Mok’s organza layers and Jennifer Nebel’s origami. Kate Sala’s white layed collection with pops of colour and double lenses was made more trippy by the models’ slow haunting walk.

There was a dash of Romance Was Born influence in the collection by Genevieve Kulesza, while the final collection by Celine Bridge referenced a forest of animals à la Fever Ray with its styling. Kate Watson’s slouchy knitwear fused intriguing print and illustration with super luxe beading.

We love to see more experimentation with menswear, so it was great to see two mens’ collections on the floor – Sangeeta Singh’s pyjama-silhouetted boys mixed stripe and print to great effect, while Jennifer Chua’s Huiee collection was a beautiful contemporary interpetation of suiting and traditional dress.

Boys getting rowdy.

Colourful print took an ethnic spin with Jason Hewitt’s collection, and a more muted palette mixed architectural looking prints with fetish-esque lingerie shapes by Laura Anderson.

It was so fabulous to see the diversity of Australia’s young fashion talents – if we continue to produce and nurture the skills, the experimentation and the individuality of young designers we will have a bright future for the Aussie fashion industry. It is due to events like this that emerging designers can continue to push themselves and start getting their name out there – so important when you have finished study and must then forge a career in fashion. Hopefully events like this will demonstrate the importance of supporting young creatives – not just in fashion but in all the creative industries.

Photos by Maja Baska.


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