Grad Spotlight: Kate Watson

She is Kate Watson. LMFF selected this fine young designer to show her graduate collection at last week’s runway show – a fun, playful performance with skipping, bespectacled models. Her collection plays with oversize proportion and placement print: rendering beautiful, unique illustrations of sea creatures, eyeballs, tophats, balloons with shimmering bugle bead embellishment. Her clothes need time to examine and discover each new detail; and her quicky illustrative style makes each garment read like a storybook of hidden characters. Kate’s work has been earning her quite a few accolades lately. While being a part of LMFF – which is an amazing achievement in itself – she was also one of ten shortlisted for the Australians In New York Fashion Fund, and will also be heading offshore later in the year to sink her teeth into a fashion career in the US, having been selected by recruiters for fashion giant Abercrombie and Fitch. With such a fantastic opportunity on the horizon, we think Kate Watson is gonna be kind of a big deal.

Photo montage stylings by Maja Baska.


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