And then there were men

What better way to finish off our stint at LMFF than with a show full of good looking guys. The Menswear Runway for L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival was a hot ticket on the night, with the seats packed, the A-listers mingling up front and the photographers jostling at the end of the catwalk. As the first men’s parade in many years, it was great to have such a turnout and a lively atmosphere such that you often don’t have with a womenswear show. The all-male dance troupe kicked things off at the beginning, and Helena Christensen made appearances between collections, slowly strolling oh-so-cool past admiring eyes.

Here are the main trends as shown on the catwalk:

Mad Men style suiting – which was complemented by slicked down, parted hair and thick rimmed glasses. The Farage collection (centre) was big on this look, as well as pieces from Campaign and Arthur Galan.

Chunky neckwear: scarves layered on top of each other, by Autonomy, Arthur Galan AG, and Alpha 60. And a particularly interesting piece by Arthur Galan AG that resembled a leather neck brace (below).

Workwear cuts – boxy, slouchy suiting in crumpled hard wearing fabrics by Threeoverone.

Nerdy chic: preppy, pastel coloured knitwear, leather elbow patches, trousers tucked into socks – the collection by Vanishing Elephant had a sweet nordic geek vibe, accessorised with book straps, lace up boots and a bicycle.

Photography Maja Baska


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