Meeting a mentor

Jefferson Hack is a most inspirational person. He is the co-founder of Dazed and Confused magazine, which has now expanded to Dazed Digital online, and a whole heap of other interesting and directional projects in new media. When I found out he was speaking at the LMFF Fashion Business Seminar, I knew I had to be there. While my photographer Maja had been given media accreditation to the event, I had been left off with no possibility for a ticket no matter what angle I tried. I resolved to rock up to the event with no ticket hoping to convince whoever was giving them out that i needed to be inside. Luckily the publicist – quite sure it was Ben Handberg – understood the need for me to be in there to report on the actual talks, and so graciously gave me one of the few remaining tickets.

You can read about the presentations, including Jefferson Hack’s, here. Some insightful speeches by international guest speakers.

To top off what was a great talk about future media scenarios, we were hoping to catch Jefferson afterward to say hello. With everyone milling about the Sofitel foyer we couldn’t see him anywhere, so after ages scanning the crowd we reluctantly decided to leave.. Then lo and behold, we popped off the escalator, away from the masses and he was right there! No crowds to battle! Having his photograph taken while the event publicist and an interviewer stood by. So we waited while the mini photo shoot was happening for our moment with Jefferson. While i was trying not to hyperventilate, the publicist was eyeballing us knowing full well our intention to accost Jefferson. He knew who we were, the girl who had talked her way in in the morning, but I hope in some way he appreciated my zealousness!

They were going to go, but Jefferson had seen us skulking and came over to us (! ! !) and the first thing I say to him is, “I had to hustle my way in to see you speak!” and then I went on to blather about how great his presentation was and how his work is so inspirational to me, having delved into fashion film and new media in the past year. I also gave him one of my cards, a postcard with one of our UV photos on it – which he thought was cool ( ! ) as well as a little zine of other stills from ABSORB website. When he left I was on a high for the rest of the day – it’s not often you meet a figure who is one of your mentors – the creativity and forward thinking approach at Dazed has been feeding my own work for a long time. And the chances of coming into contact with him in Australia of all places are so very small, perhaps it was meant to happen, and simply drives me further to push for what you really want in life. Thanks Jeff! x

* Biggest thanks to the AMPR publicist who let me in – much much love!

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  1. M said:

    Yay! What a lucky girl you are. Insanely jealous but you definitely deserve it. Go get’em! x Marie

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