Grad Spotlight: Celine Bridge

Fantasy. Haunting tales of the forest and its creatures. Mythical, fantastic hybrid animals. The collection by Celine Bridge stood apart from the others as an evocation of an active imagination. The Curtin University graduate’s collection closed the LMFF showcase with an element of theatricality that showed just how diverse each student’s design vision had been. While the styling gave each look a fantastic presence as a showpiece, it was difficult to move past that to the details in each garment flashing past on the runway – but it was obvious there was much skill employed with the finishes and embellishments. This only served to make you want to go back and look again, and take the time to really get to the bottom of each – for example the crow’s silk pleated plumage as a headpiece, the appliqued leather scales on the goat bride, or the dyed sheepskin fringing on the bird. Just the right mix of beauty and mystery to make you want to find out more about this new Western Australian designer.

Photos Maja Baska.


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