When your parents choose your clothes

Remember resenting your mum or dad for putting you in questionable outfits until you were allowed to pick your own things or you threw enough tantrums until they gave in to you wearing your rainbow tights every day for a month? Well all childhood ill-will went out the window after checking out the new Spring Summer collections on show at the Mother + Father press office. They champion a whole bunch of niche Australian labels like Saint Augustine Academy and Minty Meets Munt as well as support relative newcomers such as super talented Elliot Ward-Fear to nurture their burgeoning careers. A couple of new names on the list that caught our attention was Jamie Lee, with a super embellished, colourful collection utilising digital print, sequins and beading, and crochet, and Ms Couture, a lingerie label of delicious retro-inspired , sheer pastel ensembles. Absorb is brimming with ideas to get some of these labels visualised through our lenses! We’ve changed our mind; Mother + Father can dress us any time.

Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee

Ms Couture lingerie

Ms Couture

Minty Meets Munt

Digital prints by Subfusco – see their RAFW runway pics


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