Bubbles and glitter and candy, oh my!

Last week Absorb won the chance with Pedestrian to do a creative project using the new LG Optimus Black phones. We decided on shooting a fashion film in collaboration with swimwear label We Are Handsome, using multiple phones to film different angles and setups. Our concept derived from the idea of their SS collection ‘The Memoirs’, so we took that notion of memory and the images of the prints on the garments to come up with our own take on memory – 4 different scenes referencing 80’s film, music and cartoons that we so loved and have a nostalgia for.

We went to town with styling, coloured lighting and props to create four characters’ worlds: Glam rock, Galaxy Pony, Candy Girl, and Cheerleader. We had all the coloured lights flashing, a bubble machine, exploding balloons filled with confetti, and model Ashleigh being showered in glitter while she bounced on a trampoline – all in the middle of Westfield in the city!

The finished film will be edited and ready to view shortly. In the meantime, a few behind the scenes shots and video stills:

Our ‘studio’ space inside Sydney city Westfield

Isabelle lolli-popping balloons

Bubble machine and ray guns

Rocking out with a Born in June necklace to complete the look

Our owls cheerleader and her amazing pompom shoulders

Also the biggest thanks to my team: Costa my co-director, Quill and Tyson DOP’s, Chereine and Casey on makeup, James hair and my lovely assistants Donald, Sam and Amanda!

Pedestrian cover a whole heap of cool news and events on fashion, music, festivals, film and more. Their jobs section is especially good for creative occupations and internships. Check em out x


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