Child’s Play

Subfusco heels.

Emma Mulholland crop top and shorts, Sabatini cardigan, Arlecena boots.

An Ode to Noone top, Ginger + Smart skirt, Emma Mulholland skirt worn underneath, Born In June rings and necklaces.

Elliot Ward fear jumpsuit, Lulu Rouge heels.

Lovers + Collaborators top, Gorman shirt worn underneath, Christopher Esber skirt, Lulu Rouge boots, Emma Mulholland necklace, Born In June rings, stylist’s own stockings.

Elliot Ward Fear jacket, Gorman shoes, stylist’s own socks.

Lovers + Collaborators dress, Emma Mulholland skirt, Subfusco heels, Born In June necklace, ring and belt.


Photographer: Rodney Ye

Stylist: Chiara Bianchino

Makeup: Chereine Waddell

Hair: James Nash

Model: Angelique @ EMG

Fashion: An Ode To Noone, Arlecena, Born In June, Christopher Esber, Elliot Ward Fear, Emma Mulholland, Ginger + Smart, Gorman, Lovers + Collaborators, Lulu Rouge, Sabatini, Subfusco


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