Friday Foot Fetish: Alexander McQueen AW 2012

With an amazing mix between pretty and space-age, the shoe collection from Alexander McQueen’s AW2012 runway show was a lesson in the way to get juxtaposition right. Floaty ostrich feathers against smooth moulded leather, plush fur constricted by buckled straps,and shaggy sheepskin with an ankle detail that reined in the flyaways: such were the sights on offer. McQueen never shies away from a harder edge though, using severe engineering to create those heels that appear to balance in midair – and look near impossible to walk in. Add to this a metal trim akin to ice skating blades and we have some girls stepping into a dangerous winter wonderland – but they’re prepared. The almost fetish feel created by the shape of his footwear is softened by the sweet materials that punctuate this collection, and while some designers try to walk that fine line between naughty and nice, not many achieve it in such a way as Alexander McQueen. The aesthetic he has created is now a legacy for others to interpret, which head designer Sarah Burton has shown she is definitely capable of continuing.

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