Romance Was Born SS12/13

Crash! Kapow! WOwsa! Romance Was Born this season went straight to the archives of Marvel Comics in a zany yet completely appropriate collaboration with the comic book powerhouse. Colours, patterns, print; it was everything you would expect from a partnership between the two, but a marked maturing in RWB’s design sensibility was also apparent. While splashing out with a mashup of digital prints and the most vibrant flame-hued hair, the collection also managed to steer toward a sort of couture wearability. Lovely peplum shaped silhouettes balanced the optical effect of clashing prints,while a cohesiveness was instigated through keeping the same styling throughout for makeup and shoes. You can see RWB have definitely refined their approach yet still remain true to their more-is-more aesthetic and love of big production and sets. Benja Harney’s paper-cut backdrop was amazing and perfect, and the ASOS-supported nail foils worn by models in the show will be available for purchase. Creativity and commerce sitting side by side at this show, as Romance Was Born moves between both spheres with a grace many others haven’t yet gripped.

Photos by Maja Baska for Absorb.


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