Magdalena Velevska SS12/13

It was like the myths of the dark sea had surfaced. Magdalena Velevska’s SS12/13 show had a tinge of ocean, however unlike many recent sea-inspired collections, hers took a dive into deeper waters. A looming soundtrack opened on looks in all white, studded with neon yellow lips that popped out of the models’ faces like the glowing lures attached to anglerfish. Whites moved into pastel shades along with some very interesting facial attachments formed in lacy loops that covered the face. This look transported the models away from the human, and was very effective as an intermittent prop throughout the collection. And while pretty, each look that came out progressed toward that tinge of darkness, culminating in final looks of charcoal and monochrome print. The clothes themselves made use of a sheath-like silhouette with asymmetric hemlines, scalloped edges, and beaded detail using a criss-cross or faggotted design that was echoed in the face pieces. While the neon garments were an arresting point of focus in the collection, it was the details that resounded later; those jagged hems are sure to be on the radar coming into next spring.

Photography by Maja Baska. Words by Chiara Bianchino.

For more of our MBFWA coverage, click here.


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