Wild Runaway by Zac Handley for Door 121

Door 121 is a PR agency with a difference. Not simply content to idle by while others make use of their lovely samples and labels, they have gone out and produced their own fashion editorial lensed by a pretty fabulous young photographer by the name of Zachary Handley. Featuring the cheeky face of model Kendall, from Priscillas, we follow her on an unruly jaunt away from the responsibilities of the day. Door 121 have gone and styled the shoot with a range of their hot winter threads from labels including POL Design, Meadowlark, Viparo, Hansen & Gretel and Nick Campbell Eyewear.

Also take a look at the accompanying film, shot by Andrew Kaineder showing Kendall in all her dreamy, rebellious glory.

Photographer: Zachary Handley
Stylists: Elena Antoniou / Sarah Leung @ Door121
Model: Kendall Walters @ Priscilla’s
Videographer/DOP: Andrew Kaineder
Graphics: Elli Zacharowitz
Music: 1976 Studios / Planet Love Sound “We’ll Be Alright (Outro)”


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