ABSORB is the future direction of fashion media. A website dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the fashion image through film, photography and interactive media. Based in Sydney, ABSORB was born from a desire for more interesting editorial fashion content that extends beyond the current offerings of Australian magazines to deliver original, experimental work with its own aesthetic stamp.

The ethos of ABSORB is based in creative collaboration as a means to greater creative results. ABSORB also seeks to support emerging talent among the Australian creative industries, joining once disparate fields – in particular fashion media and film. Focusing on the potential of video, fashion film has been of special concern as an exciting new medium and a quickly growing area of fashion communication. ABSORB seeks to create a new visual experience with fashion film, pollinating creative minds with new ideas and images.

ABSORB is aspirational, future-reaching and internationally minded.

Enter the ABSORB world.


Contact the creative director Chiara Bianchino at chiara@absorb.net.au

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