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Photographed by Jason Schembri, our new editorial Suits You is up on Absorb. Featuring the dazzling Melissa from Priscillas modeling a range of tailored styles, our shoot turned into a suit story as we fell in love with each new jacket. Some particular favourites came from August Street, doing light summer weights in pastel tones, as well as Hansen + Gretel for simple structure. Makeup by Chereine Waddell added a bit of citrus tang to cut through the soft palette.

Check out the whole shoot here.


We’re very pleased to finally present our latest fashion film project Rumspringa, an exploration of the debut collection from designer Matt Dolan. In what may be our most cinematic looking film to date, we took the concept of fundamentalist religions and the potential paths they open as inspiration.With a haunting score by composer Flynn Wheeler, filmmaker Michael Tyson captures our girls in a forest, walking stocking-footed through the underbrush. Their hair, artfully plaited by hairstylist Graeme Cumming, wisps about their glowing faces, created by Chereine Waddell. Click the image to watch the video!

Matt Dolan’s collection, in palest pink, is also shown in full on Absorb with photography by Bowen Arico here.

Absorb is undergoing a revamp! We are currently in the process of changing over the website, so you may notice some small bits and pieces (like a nifty contact form) and the beginning of a bunch of new content! We’re super excited! The overall layout is still very much the same, and we’ve retained a little something of the landing page to play with… so go on and have a little look!

To begin with, we’re also happy to present a new fashion film!! If you saw the editorial last year by Rodney Ye, then this is the next installment to Child’s Play – shot by Costa Vakas. A kooky kiddy-land feast of colour, soft toys and some fun outfits.

Enjoy and tell us what you think.

Chiara x

In an ABSORB exclusive, we’re proud to present the work of fashion photographer Justin Ridler: The Last Time I Saw Matilda. Our newest fashion film starring Matilda Price from Priscillas in a meandering, beautiful video set on the rugged headlands. We feature fashion from Fleur Wood, Arabella Ramsay, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Yeojin Bae and jewellery by Mezi and Mania Mania.




DEBUT: Go check out the haunting new fashion film and images by photographer Hyun Lee, with Maddison and Tierney Stockford from Priscillas, now online.

An original score by composer Shea Duncan sets off the melancholy tone as one figure melds into the other, invoking tinges of memory and the suggestion of separation.

Chiara Bianchino put together outfits featuring pieces by Justine Davis and Suboo, as well as the work of graduate designer Lisa Barbaro.

Watch TWIN here.

Also new on Absorb! Our black dresses shoot, shown recently in the Body Works exhibition in Sydney. Photographed by Maja Baska, the dance-inspired images feature the work of UTS fashion students mixed in with wonderful accessories by Dinosaur Designs, Events, Carmen Steffens and Stillier.

Have a look at the images here.