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L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is hosting the No Home Fashion + Film festival as part of the cultural calendar, and it is a definite must-attend if you are in Melbourne. Featuring new collaborations between a range of eminent filmmakers and designers such as Aurelio Costarella, Orri Henrisson, Dion Lee, and Song For The Mute, it promises to be a fantastic 3 days of innovative fashion film. Get yourself along to a screening from March 3 – 5 at ACMI – visit for tickets and session times and a full list of the films.

Our christmas angel from a recent shoot for Rachel Zuch. By Maja Baska.

We can’t believe how quickly this year passed by, lots of projects, new collaborations and a few competition wins as well! It has been busy and challenging and fun, and we hope to make next year even better. But for now, time for a little recharge before heading back into it all in January. Thankyou to everyone who was involved in Absorb: the makers and collaborators, the tech support behind the scenes, and the readers and watchers who have given their interest and attention. It means so much to have that positive feedback and to be encouraged to keep doing it! So happy and safe holidays and check back in 2012 for some great new stuff: A few things we’ve filmed this year to be released early next year, as well as some big fashion films we’re planning that will be screening at a few select places throughout the year… We’re also in the process of upgrading the website!

Happy 2011! Bring on 2012….

Chiara x

Shooting a new creation by Jacquelyn Wellington – a work in progress but stunning nonetheless, on gorgeous model Adhiel from EMG. Ps. It’s not actually fur, but sheepskin, and looked great when we got the fan blowing through it!