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Come along this evening to the opening of An Essay of the White Shirt  – an exhibition and pop-up store for the new line of bespoke men’s shirts by new label A, designed by Rodney Ye and Vivien Shen. Both coming from fashion and art backgrounds, the pair have explored the elements that go into creating a gorgeous shirt, offering customisable details in collars and cuffs. Check out their wares at Gaffa Gallery, on until this Saturday.

A – Archival


The other week I attended a breakfast to introduce the new jewellery line by Alex Perry in collaboration with Magnolia. Created with a younger aesthetic in mind, the collection features a few key ranges of precious stones, heart shapes and more ‘costume’ pieces. Pictured are some of our picks, the more flashy and aggressive (according to Perry) Heart range, and the Aegean collection with our favourite fine-chained bracelet. After being treated to a lovely breakfast at the Dunbar House cafe, we had a little peruse of the collection, available in stores and online now at Magnolia.

Over the weekend we had a beautiful selection of white pieces to play with for a photo shoot and had to draw attention to this particular piece by Manning Cartel. The peplum and the puffy sleeves have a more solid edge with raffia and bead-flecked embellishment, a bit of girlishness mixed with harder textures. Perfect with a cigarette pant or perhaps something wide-legged for some added drama. The whiter the better!


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Photographed by Jason Schembri, our new editorial Suits You is up on Absorb. Featuring the dazzling Melissa from Priscillas modeling a range of tailored styles, our shoot turned into a suit story as we fell in love with each new jacket. Some particular favourites came from August Street, doing light summer weights in pastel tones, as well as Hansen + Gretel for simple structure. Makeup by Chereine Waddell added a bit of citrus tang to cut through the soft palette.

Check out the whole shoot here.